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How effective is your mobile / web application?

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things – Peter Drucker If we were to use the above quote as a scale with which to weigh the impact of a mobile or web application, many would definitely fall short. This is due to a few key considerations that need to be made Read More

Game Development – Kenya, East Africa & beyond

Game development, as exciting as the end products may be, remains rather unexploited in Kenya and the East Africa region in general. While on one side this results from an inadequacy of skills, low corporate demand for games as part of their marketing and engagement efforts remains a key factor. I mean, let’s be honest, Read More

Mobile App Developers – Kenya, East Africa & beyond

How does my mobile app get data from the web system? Is it possible for this to post data straight to Facebook and link to a payment gateway? Such are the questions that we answer on a daily basis with practical solutions, most of which can be verified by contacting one of our clients. Kiss Read More

Mkenya Online – App Review

Ever wanted to know about everything that goes on in Kenya on the go? Well, Mkenya Online has nearly everything incorporated into a tiny but effective 5mb mobile App.   Whether you are looking for entertainment news, traffic news or even information about numerous Kenya’s attraction sites and places, Mkenya Online mobile App is all Read More