Kiss Devs Software Company is an IT firm that primarily provides mobile apps development. We are actively involved with web development as well. Mobile applications and Websites. We aggressively deliver in HTML5 and mobile applications, web systems and basic websites. We also provide our clients with domain name and hosting services. Software. Websites. Mobile Apps. Kenya. Design. Development. Coding. Augmented Reality. Optical Character Recognition. How does my mobile application get data from the website? Is it possible for this system to post data straight to Facebook and link to a payment gateway? These are some of the questions we cna help ypu answer

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Welcome to Kiss Devs


Need advice on how to use that new IT equipment? Well, it could be that simple, or maybe you want to outsource the development of an IT system for your place of work or home. We are available. We conduct both outsurcing and information technology management at affordable rates.


At Kiss Devs Software Company, we believe in designing with the user in mind. That rule calls for simplicity and ease of access across the various possible user devices. Hence, our websites are responsive and mobile apps highly optimized, saving you the trouble of having to create different products for the same market.


Given our proficiency in various technologies, (read PHP, JavaScript, JSON, XML, HTML/CSS, Java, MySql/SQlite, OCR, Augmented Reality, e.t.c), we are at a very competitive position in providing you with efficient and clean source code for varied needs. Our code is always fast, secure, reliable and all the other buzz words.


How does my mobile app get data from the web system? Is it possible for this system to post data straight to Facebook and link to a payment gateway? Such are the questions that we answer on a daily basis with practical solutions, most of which can be verified by contacting one of our clients .


We are proficient in multiple web & mobile app development technologies, including Augmented Reality and OCR.

The list includes:

  • Java
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Augmented Reality (Vuforia & Wikitude)
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • PHP
  • MySQL/Sqlite
  • Blob Databases
  • JavaScript

Notably also, are APIs that we have worked with before. These are:

  • Facebook Graph API
  • Twitter API
  • Instagram API
  • Dropbox Sync API
  • The Curreny and Open Exchange Rate APIs

Case Studies

  1. Teke Taxi driver Mobile App
  2. A mobile application that facilitates taxi hailing. Done as a project for Riverbank Solutions, it offers a fast and stress-free alternative to book a cab in Kenya across multiple countries. Suitable for all and emphasis is given to corporate clients who enjoy intuitive features for vouchers and reservations.

  3. Mkenya Online; Web & Mobile App Development
  4. A mobile application and web-based service that combines information from various sources for ease of access by the end-users. News are aggregated both in terms of sources and summaries, events, various services such as eCitizen, blogs, magazines and a map section which offers among others tourist attractions, banks & ATMs, hotels and night clubs.

  5. Pesapass Mobile Money Transfer
  6. A web-based financial management system and a mobile money transfer solution. It is intended to offer mobile money transfer, mobile banking, payment services and loan services.

  7. M-rent - Rental Management System
  8. This is a simple, web-based rental management application for agents, landlords and tenants. M-Rent provides insightful statistics to managers and an easy- to-use report system for tenants. It includes both a web portal and mobile application

  9. Trimo Security Finance Management System
  10. A system to digitize financial record keeping in the investigation company. The sytem offers management for petty cash, income, salaries, sub-contractor payments while at the same time providing summaries for all the aforementioned.

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About Us

Kiss Devs Software Company is an IT firm that provides mobile apps and web development services both in Kenya and abroad. We are a research-driven firm that seeks to deliver better products with every project handled. Further, we maintain regular aesthetic updates to our products at no charge. We also offer domain name and hosting services.

Key Services

  • Mobile Applications
  • Cross-Device Websites
  • Payment Systems Integration
  • Social Media Applications
  • HTML5 & Android Games


So, why Kiss Devs? The title is derived from one of the main principles of software engineering, "Keep It Simple and Stupid". This is one of the most important guides that every SDLC to follow. "Devs" is the short form for developers.

The Team

Peter Kenneth Munene
Designer and Developer

Olive Mugeri
Systems Security

Wilson Wainaina

Part of the team also is a designer, an accountant and a social media consultant.
That said, we would be glad to hear from you through:

Email: info(at)kissdevs.com

Phone: +254 780 279000 / +254 20 5280456

Office: 5th Floor, IPS Building, Nairobi.

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